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Draco dormiens nunquam titillandus

Argue not with dragons, for thou art crunchy and go well with brie.

Kristan Cannon
19 April
The world of fandom and plain geeking out with me. My other blogs are all about specific things such as the world of writing, business... you get the picture.

This is where I get to come out to play and generally just enjoy what makes my day go by.

All my general posts are open to the public to read, follow and comment on.

Anything and everything which happens to interest me will be in this blog. Anime, video games, Doctor Who (and other sci fi/fantasy fandoms), awesome cosplay spotted while at cons, con coverage by me, highlights of others who definitely do this better than I do (but I'm doing it anyway!).

While I try to keep it friendly for all ages, please be warned that some strong language may make my rating stray upwards... also some cosplay pics may be pushing the envelope as well. These posts will be tagged and warnings given when appropriate.

If you're curious about my other work, please feel free to check the other links below!


Kristan is a hybrid author with writing credits including novels (most recently After Oil, KCEditions), novellas, numerous short stories as well as two blogs (Kristan's Desk, HER WAY).

Born in Kirkland Lake, Ontario and educated in North Bay and Toronto, Kristan has been writing since the age of thirteen under the pen names Selena Grey and Meredith Hayes. In 2014 she dropped the pen names in time to release the Special "Anime North" Edition of After Oil and re-launch her writing blog.

Kristan is a staunch supporter of literacy, reading and young writer's programs (Member of the Ambassador Program for NaNoWriMo, supporter of a few local and online libraries) and holds a current membership with The Indie Writer's Network.

She moved around frequently when she was younger and considers most of Northern Ontario her "home town" as she has lived near Kirkland Lake, and in North Bay, Timmins, Algoma Mills, Elliot Lake and Sudbury before moving to Toronto to continue her education in Business and Commerce. She currently holds a day position as an Office Administrator for a construction company (another thing close to her heart as her family background is also primarily in construction and the trades) in Toronto.

Still not quite settled, Kristan continues to travel when the company she works for has their off season. She visits her home towns whenever she can during the rest of the year.