Bargain Not With Live Dragons

Draco dormiens nunquam titillandus

Argue not with dragons, for thou art crunchy and go well with brie.

Bargain Not With Live Dragons
Slowly working on being bilingual in both French and English, although I'll freely admit that English is my stronger language.

I have a rather open policy on friends.  If I know you... somewhat... I will likely add you to my friends if I'm added first.  Sometimes I can be a bit slow on that as I don't check my profile that often to see who has or hasn't added me.  If you feel you should be, then send me a private message and I will likely add you.

Just make sure it's in a language I understand, which, at the moment, is only in French and English.

* * * * * * * * * *

Lentement travail d'être bilingue en français et en anglais, mais je vais le dire franchement, l'anglais est ma langue forte.

J'ai une politique assez ouverte sur les amis. Si je vous connais ... un peu ... Je vais probablement vous ajoutez à mes amis si je suis ajouté en premier. Parfois je peux être un peu lent sur ​​ce que je n'ai pas vérifier mon profil qui, souvent, pour voir qui a ou n'a pas me ajouté. Si vous pensez que vous devriez être, puis envoyez-moi un message privé et je vais probablement vous ajoutez.

Assurez-vous que c'est dans une langue que je comprends, ce qui, à l'heure actuelle, est seulement en français et en anglais.

Help me put After Oil on bookshelves around the world.
Bargain Not With Live Dragons

I am so tired of watching successive publishers drop the ball and/or let languish in the slush pile somewhere that I am now willing to do it myself.

However, as most of you following my livejournal know, I'm not in the best financial position to do so on my own.

THE BOOK IS DONE and ready to go.

I just need the backing to do so.

Our Journey to a Home that Floats
Bargain Not With Live Dragons
Andrew and I have been thinking about this, off and on, for close to ten years. It was never a sudden leap before we looked thing. The problem was the logistics to get our dream off shore and onto the water.

First StepsCollapse )

Second StepsCollapse )
Third Steps - Getting our Feet WetCollapse )
This is what we need to figure out before we finally make the jump from land to boat. Once we have at least a fair idea of how each of these things will be dealt with, and a reasonable allowance for things we haven’t thought of, we’re going boat hunting.

That will be Stage Four.

We aren't at that point yet.

My resources
Home, a good book
I always get asked -- and this is actually a common question asked of many writers -- where do I get my resources?

In fandom, I get asked, "How can you possibly know that Gallifrey had 32 Earth hours compared to Earth's 24?"

For After Oil I was asked where I found most of the survival knowledge as well as how governments do what they, hopefully, need to do... Karasa it was where I found all the astronomy and space references, as well as mythological elements.  Killdeer I will likely get asked about sailing.

It comes down to one question really, "How do I know everything about everything?"

Well... I don't -- and I can't know everything about everything.

It comes down to the research and the fact checking even if you're writing high fantasy if you write something involving horses and end up dead wrong someone is going to call you out on it and that big stack of cards you've set up writing your world and what happens in it suddenly crumbles like someone walked by and knocked over that house of cards.

Research is the cheater's method of making a house of cards (ie: the hidden bits of double sided Scotch tape that holds the ends of the cards from sliding around on each other) stay standing up when someone slams the a door of doubt causes a rather large breeze of "What were you thinking?".

The first step to any good novel, or even fan fiction, is the Idea -- that promising kernal of popcorn that you haven't popped yet -- of what you'd like your characters to be caught in and perhaps even how they're going to fix it.

The second step is the research.

No really.

Even before you sit down to plan out that novel, short story or fan fiction you need to research.  This can be as painful, or as fun, as you make it out to be because what a writer considers research can vary and all are equally valid so long as resource used to research is also valid.  If the facts are erroneous the research isn't going to be any good either.  Research can be as simple, and short, as checking to make sure a horse has four legs normally by checking a picture on the internet or a book at the library.  It can also be more tedious -- such as scouring horse websites and forums and talking to people who actually ride horses -- to make sure that the little bits and pieces of bridle and tack work as you're about to describe them.  Or, in equal detail you could go learn how to ride and care for horses and suddenly fall head over heels for horses and learn hands on and have loads of fun doing it.  It can also be a mixture of all the above.

So, when I sit down to plan my research my first stop is Google... no seriously.  It's a good way to start off before I start filtering what questions need to be asked to be able to further filter where I should go to look.

The second is Wikipedia where I get a gleaning of what I need.  Ironically, I then check the resources on any of the articles I find.

The third is a rather traditional solution and that's the local public library where I further fact check what I happen to be researching.

One those three have helped me formulate some intelligent questions, and likely boffed half of my idea for what I'm working on as completely stupid (which usually means "back to the drawing board") and I've rethought it enough that both the possible plot is plausible and the questions that need to be asked aren't too clueless I go to the fourth step:  Consulting the qualified expert with a series of hypothetical questions relating to my novel to see if they think the idea is plausible.  It's usually after a few days of going back and forth and consulting over coffee that the first rough plans for the novel (or fan fic) comes into written formulation and the actual plot takes rudimentary shape.

So, in answer to the original question:  It's a more complex question than you think.  My resources are a mix of the internet, wikipedia, the biblography behind wikipedia that is cross checked at the local library and a qualified expert or two... or more... depending on what I need to know.

On that shiny new domain...
Bargain Not With Live Dragons
Maybe I should start building that website eventually... you know... so there's not some placeholder and a nice shiny website to go with the shiny new domain...

I'll get around to it.

I finally have a real domain of my own
Bargain Not With Live Dragons
Mark the day on the calendar - is live.

No actual website to go with that, though, but it's a small step in the right direction.

Thankfully I have two years to decide on this...
Gaia Earth
Albeit it's not a long term decision - returning to Canada after finishing is an option and the course is only for one year.

I'm ahead of myself again.

So, I was approached by admissions from the University of New South Wales... that's in Sydney, Australia, btw... because they would like to know if I would be interested in taking my Master's degree at their university.  I'm midway through my third of four years in my undergraduate so I have time to think about it.  They also approached Andrew about him going from college to university in his education once he finishes and he will finish college at the same time I finish my undergrad.

And I though moving from Sudbury to Toronto was a huge move... this... even just mulling this one over gives me a feeling I can't begin to describe.  It's trepidation, nerves, oh-hells-yes and oh-hell all rolled into one package.

Andrew doesn't know anyone in Australia and I have a few online friends from my days in the seaQuest fandom that live in Australia but whether they're in that part of Australia (or even still there at all) is another issue altogether which means we would literally be starting over from scratch in not only a new city but a new country (and continent) all in one fell swoop.  It's both daunting and exciting at once.

Something we'll have to think about.  There is so much to consider just to make it work that it's a good thing we don't have to decide right away.

Doctor Who thoughts in my copious amounts of free time.
Bargain Not With Live Dragons
Time off?  What's that?

That's a post for another day.  This post is actually - for once - 100% fandom.

I have a crack theory that has been germinating in my mind since they announce the 12th (13th?) Doctor as Peter Capaldi... who, during the whole Torchwood:Children of Earth also portrayed John Frobisher.

Jack did kinda wonder where the Doctor was during the 456 incident... what if the Doctor was right under his damn nose and Frobisher WAS the Doctor in the upcoming incarnation?

For those who don't think that would happen or that the Doctor would be that much of a douche, may I refer you back to One, Six, and Seven.  One for his... er... well, come on he was a douche.  So was Six.  And Seven was just plain manipulative.  It was for the "greater good" in the case of Six & Seven, but One was a shade away from going the way of the Master only with less insanity... er... maybe.

Or it could be a case of the BBC yet again recycling actors (the actor who played Six also played Commander Maxil in Doctor Who) or it could be the Moff yet again screwing with our heads.  Either way it makes you wonder -- and when I have time I just might turn that into a plot bunny for some seriously Dark!Doctor pondering.

(Beathen, feel free to add this post to Who Daily)

Multi-Level Marketing Schemes—What's the Problem?
Bargain Not With Live Dragons
This is a very watered down version of my essay for one of my classes. I edited it so that the general reader would not be bogged down by economics jargon and then re-wrote it entirely for a more general audience. It's also a quicker read. The original essay was 30 pages long. This one is only five pages.

The very first glance at the term "Multi-Level Marketing" explains itself.Collapse )

Conclusion—Avoid the MLM and don't get stung.

It seems contrite but it really is that simple. And Multi-Level Scheme, no matter what pretty gloss it is hidden under, is still a shady and quasi-legitimate business model. We are now seeing legal cases being fought in court over whether they are even remotely legitimate which means shortly they could be as illegal as the Ponzi Scheme.

The bottom line is that the MLM is an unethical and unsustainable business model and should be avoided.

Life change! (What, would you rather me title this "So, I'm preggars" instead?)
Gaia Earth
I'm pregnant and the due date is sometime in October/November mid-December.  The doctor's math is off.

That is all, lol.

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